I'm a photographer based out of Seattle Washington, and it's at this point that I should probably say something super deep or clever and use words like passion and vision, but that's not me. I'm just a simple guy with a camera that shoots what he likes.

I strive every day to define my style and produce images that capture the authentic human experience and doing it as honestly as I can. Shooting mostly landscapes, travel and adventure work, I am inspired by the world outside of our doors, repeating patterns, and negative space.

And I am inspired by people.

We are unique, we are complex, and we all have highly tuned crap detectors. We can spot a fake from miles away. I want my work to be honest and I want my subjects to be as well. 

When I'm not taking photos, I really love to travel. I have a severe case of wanderlust. And I really enjoy when I get to do both at the same time. I love to share moments with my friends over coffee or whiskey, discovering what makes us unique. I wouldn’t be a photographer if I didn’t love what I do. I want to work with clients who are living intentionally and want the most out of life. 

If you are investing in my photography, I will strive to do my best to meet your needs and approach things together.  

Let's connect. I'd love to hear from you.